How to Summarize Your Meetings with AI

How to Summarize Your Meetings with AI

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October 23, 2023

Rasheed Ahamed

Rasheed Ahamed

Meetings have become an integral part of every business function, from team meetings to sales calls to interviews. However, with the number of meetings, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all the information discussed and join every discussion.

Meeting summaries provide a solution to this problem. 

  • Summarizing your meetings saves time by providing a concise overview of the meeting's key points, eliminating the need to re-watch the entire meeting to find specific information. 
  • Meeting summaries also help increase accountability by providing a clear record of what was discussed and the decisions made. 
  • Additionally, having a summary enables you to easily share the most important parts of the conversation with colleagues or stakeholders who were not present in the meeting.

If you don't know where to start, don't worry. We've got you covered! This article will show you how to use Grain to automatically summarize your meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams with AI.

For the uninitiated, Grain is an AI-powered meeting recorder that allows you to record, transcribe, and summarize your meetings, freeing you up to focus on the conversation without worrying about taking notes.

Let's dive in! 

How to Summarize Your Meetings

  1. Create a Grain account
  2. Upload or record your meeting
  3. Copy & Share Your Meeting Summary

Step 1: Create a Grain account

To get started with Grain, sign up and create a workspace. You can also invite your team members to join if you want to collaborate. Once your workspace is set up, all of your recorded meetings and their AI summaries will be automatically saved by Grain, allowing for easy reference in the future.

Step 2: Upload or Record Your Meeting

Grain provides you with the flexibility to summarize either existing recordings or record and summarize upcoming meetings. For upcoming meetings, you can enable auto-record for the calls for free by heading to the 'Today' page and toggling the record settings to 'on'. 

To summarize a recorded meeting, you have two options. First, you can upload the recording from your local drive. Alternatively, you can import the recording directly from Zoom Cloud. To do this, navigate to My Library and click on 'Add' located at the top right corner. From there, you can choose to upload or import your recording.

Step 3: Get Your AI Meeting Summary

After successfully uploading or recording your meeting, you will receive an accurate AI summary that captures the key moments, decisions, and next steps. 

What's more?

You can personalize your AI summary by choosing a ready-made template that fits your meeting. This way, your AI notes can have specific sections instead of the usual summary, key points, and next steps. Grain provides 5 templates for various meetings. If you can't find the right one, you can also make your own. Learn more here.

How to Share Your Summary?

There are multiple ways to share your meeting notes.

Follow-up Emails:

If you wish to send a follow-up email to your prospect after a sales discovery call, click the 'more' menu adjacent to 'Copy Notes' and hover over 'Send follow-up email.' Opt for 'Draft in email app' if you use a native email client such as Superhuman. Alternatively, choose 'Copy email text' for easy pasting of the email content into a browser-based email platform.

Automated Meeting Recaps:

In addition, you have the option to automatically send recap emails to all meeting participants. These meeting recap emails offer a brief summary and a list of key points from the meeting, with clickable time-stamps. To activate recap emails, navigate to Settings > Workspace > Meeting recap emails.

Copy Notes:

Last but not least, you can just hit "Copy Notes" and paste the key points in the email. 

By using the "Copy Notes" feature in Grain, you can easily generate a comprehensive meeting recap that includes all the necessary details, such as the meeting title with a link to access the recording, the meeting date and time, a concise summary, and a list of key moments and action items with clickable timestamps.

Why Prefer AI Summary Over Other Methods?

AI-generated summaries offer several advantages over other methods of meeting note-taking, such as manual note-taking, summary templates, and meeting agendas.

- Time-saving: AI-generated summaries save you valuable time by providing a concise overview of the meeting's key points, eliminating the need to spend time re-watching the entire meeting or manually going through your notes to find specific information. This allows you to focus on what really matters - the discussion itself.

- Reliability: AI-powered meeting recorders like Grain can provide a reliable and precise summary of your meetings. Unlike manual note-taking or using templates, AI can capture every moment of the meeting accurately, ensuring that every word and action is recorded. This eliminates the risk of human error, such as missing critical points or misinterpreting what was said.

- Consistency: With AI-generated summaries, you can ensure that every meeting is summarized in the same format, style, and level of detail. This provides a consistent reference point for all team members and ensures that nothing important is missed.

How does Grain AI Ensure Accuracy?

Using AI for meeting summaries offers a great way to save time and automate work, but it's important to have a way to verify and improve the output whenever necessary. 

Although AI-generated summaries are usually accurate, Grain takes it one step further by providing clickable time-stamps for each key point in the summary. This feature allows you to quickly review and edit details as needed by jumping to specific moments in the meeting recording or creating shareable highlight clips with just a click. 

With Grain, you can have confidence in the accuracy of your meeting summaries and the ability to fine-tune them as needed.

Get AI Summary of Your Meeting using Grain 

Looking for an AI-powered meeting recorder that works across all your favorite platforms? Grain has got you covered! Whether you use Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, you can rely on Grain to transcribe and summarize your meetings for free. Plus, Grain goes the extra mile by automating administrative tasks for you. It can even send AI summaries straight to your preferred collaboration tools like Slack and HubSpot

Give it a try by signing up for Grain today!

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