Advocate for your customers with insights

Educate and empower your company on what's most important to your customers in their own words.

Steve Vakeeswaran Testimonial
"It's a great voice of the customer tool, because I'm able to clip and share feedback with my product team on what our conversations look like."
Shareil Nariman, Head of Customer Success

Loved by thousands of customer success teams

Easily Advocate for Your Customers

Nobody knows customers better than Customer Success teams. But communicating that knowledge can be frustrating. Now it's easy to capture and share what's most important to customers.

Empower Your Product & Marketing Teams

Turn your everyday customer meetings into a gold mine for your product and marketing teams. Give them the power of direct product feedback or candid testimonials.

One Source of Customer Knowledge

When you use Grain on your customers meetings, you have one place to truly understand customers. Onboarding new customer success managers or coaching current team members becomes a breeze.

How Customer Success Managers Use Grain

No more manual notes

With Grain, you can truly listen and be present in your customer meetings. We'll capture everything for you.

Catch all the product feedback and customer testimonials

Become your product & marketing teams' favorite person by empowering them with golden insights from customers.

Create compilations of customer insights

Remix and combine customer clips to tell a powerful narrative.

Guillaume Cabane Testimonial
"I use Grain to move my agenda. How can you refute the customer?"
Guillaume Cabane
General Partner
Steve Vakeeswaran Testimonial
"It strengthens Sales and CS people's relationship with Product."
Steve Vakeeswaran
Head of Sales & Expansion

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