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"Now, with just one click, I'm locked in with an intuitively organized snapshot of all the key points that were discussed."
Jenna S
Customer Success
“Grain is a coaching tool. It allows me to listen to my closers. I need the ability to see what they’re doing right or wrong so that I can coach them.”
Tucker Hutchinson
VP of Revenue
“Grain makes sure that everyone has access to what our customers are saying and not just customer-facing teams.”
Shareil Nariman
Head of Customer Success
"Been using Grain for a couple of months now on Reforge customer and course research. Capturing all the emotions and nuances adds so much depth."
Brian Balfour
Founder and CEO of Reforge
“As much as I love to write down lots of notes during a call, my goal as a researcher is to be highly engaging and attentive. Grain allows me to do that.”
Emily Arciprete
Sr. UX researcher
“Grain un-complicates call recording and conversation intelligence for sales.”
Colby Morgan
Head of Sales and Customer Success
“If customers are emotional about a problem or an issue, or if they light up about something saying, “hey, this could save me a lot of time or money”, I capture that using Grain.”
Adam Seitzman
Head of Sales and GTM
"Days of note-taking are over when every meeting gets boiled down to the few clips/points that matter"
Scott Belsky
"As sales calls are automatically recorded and organized in Grain, we can go back, review, and score the sales calls based on our rubrics."
Mandy Clark
Director of CX Solutions
“Grain highlights become part of how we process customer feedback and develop our product.”
Ty Kauffman
Customer Imagineering
“Grain allows me to focus on the calls, focus on the customers, and focus on what they need”
Steeve Vakeeswaran
Former Head of Sales & Expansion
"Grain is at the heart of our day-to-day operations.We use it to provide visual meeting recaps to clients & partners, capture high impact moments on delivery meetings, and provide real-world training & support to our team."
Brian Sowards
"My favorite thing about Grain is that it solved the problem of the old game of telephone."
Scott Michaels
Chief Strategist
"Being able to search the transcript and share a short clip is something we can't do anywhere else."
Jason Brand
Director of Product Management
"Using Grain for sales calls allows us to share high fidelity product feedback with our engineers and designers in a way that no other tool can match"
Drew Housman
"I’ve been using Grain and it’s 10x better than anything else out there. It’s the future of sharing knowledge."
Shane Mac
Co-founder & CEO
"Grain has been an absolute game changer for the way that we use Zoom and how we are able to actually do meetings."
Olivia Gulsvig
Former Head of Sales Talent
"Grain has become the de-facto tool for all our meetings. As a result, we have wider reach with our customers, better calibrated interviewers and less meetings."
Cailen D'Sa
"Grain reduces so much unnecessary friction when it comes to annotating and synthesizing customer conversations. It's the tool I wish I had for the last decade of doing interviews."
Behzod Sirjani
“We love leveraging Grain to surface key insights from Zoom calls whether it’s a 1:1 customer discovery with product or one of our sales teammates engaging with a prospect.”
Martin Matus
Product Manager

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