Automated Meeting Notes Sent to Slack

Get your AI-meeting summaries and highlights automatically sent to a Slack channel of your choice.

Integrate Grain with Slack to automatically share meeting information with your team, including Automated summaries, key points, and next steps. No need to join calls or listen to lengthy recordings—it’s easier than ever to catch up and stay informed.

Send Automated Meeting Summaries to Slack

Most of us share notes from our sales calls and customer meetings every day. Grain can now write your notes and share them directly with your important Slack channels. You no longer have to think about your notes after you set up and integrate Grain with your Slack workspace.

Every time you have a call, Grain transcribes it and uses AI to create a summary, highlight important points, and document the next steps. After every meeting, Grain automatically posts the meeting notes as a message in your preferred Slack channel.

No need to take manual notes during the call, and you'll never have to remember to share your call notes in Slack. It's all taken care of automatically now.

Set up the integration in 3 steps:

  • Sign in to Grain. Go to Automations > Slack > "Get Started" and connect Grain to your Slack workspace.
  • Use Filters to select the types of meetings you want to send to Slack—filter by Owner, People (participants), and Tags.
  • Search and select the preferred Slack channel to send automated meeting summaries.

Please find more details here.

Ways to use Slack Automations:

Share decisions and action items from daily stand-ups

Share essential details from every call

Share Automated summaries from research interviews with the product team

Send Video Highlights to Slack

With Grain’s integration for Slack, you can instantly share a pivotal moment from your video meetings directly to your Slack.

Got an excellent customer quote? Need to share new feedback? Don’t share an hour-long recording or re-explain the call. Create a clip and send the video to a Slack channel or message to a team member directly from Grain.


  • Post AI summaries to Slack automatically and save time.
  • Get time back and prepare for your calls. Grain takes care of all your admin work.
  • Get your team up to speed with fewer meetings. Share an AI summary or a highlight clip and keep your team informed–despite their schedule or time zone.
  • Bring accountability and transparency to the center stage–you can now automatically share action items and decisions from any meeting.

“We actually have a Slack channel #grain-highlights where we'll post the highlights from our customer calls. That way the engineering team can get that insight”.- Ty Kauffman, Customer Imagineering, Endgame.

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