Automatically Send AI-meeting Summaries to HubSpot

Keep your records up to date by syncing your meetings in Grain with your Hubspot records.

Grain simplifies note-taking and data entry so your sales team can focus on selling.

When you connect Grain with your HubSpot account, every sales meeting with prospects or customers is automatically saved as a note in the relevant Contacts, Companies, and Deals in HubSpot. If a contact doesn't exist, Grain will create a new one for you. These notes include a link to the recorded meeting, details about participants, a summary generated by AI, and key points with clickable timestamps.

This makes it easy to access key sales highlights right within HubSpot, without having to manually enter data or log calls.

"I save up to 25 minutes after every sales call as Grain automatically generates and adds the call notes in HubSpot for me"- Max Stoiber, Founder and CEO, Stellate.

With Grain consistently adding new notes to your deals, you can effortlessly keep track of and stay up-to-date on sales engagement.


With Grain's HubSpot integration, you can:

- Sync your sales meetings with relevant HubSpot records including Contacts, Companies, and Deals.
- Push conversation data into HubSpot to gain better visibility into pipeline activity.
- Identify coaching opportunities to unstuck deals in your pipeline.

HubSpot is available for users across all the pricing plans. Connect Grain to your HubSpot account now.

“The key points from the sales calls are recorded as the deal notes. So, if I want to know what’s happening in a deal, I can just open that deal in HubSpot and have all the highlights from the sales calls ready for me to review.” - Matthew Dykes, Manager of Business Development, Salute Safety.

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