What’s New in Grain: New Ways to Navigate Your Library and Share Your Meetings

What’s New in Grain: New Ways to Navigate Your Library and Share Your Meetings

Last updated: 

February 18, 2023

Rasheed Ahamed

Rasheed Ahamed

Control and share access to your meetings 

We’ve made it even easier to share a meeting—while giving you complete control over who can access, view, and edit. Select who you would like to access the meeting, copy the link, and share it anywhere. 

  • Want to share internally? Select ‘Members of your workspace’. Only the members will be able to access the meeting through the link. 
  • Want to share the meeting with a customer? Select ‘Anyone with the link’. Your customers can view the recording through the link.   

Find the meeting you’re looking for with filters

You can now filter your library by who attended the meeting, who owns (created) the meeting, dates, and #tags. 

Talk time Percentage

We all know it’s best to listen and let the customers do most of the talking. But it’s hard to understand and improve your talk-to-listen ratio if you aren’t measuring it. 

With our latest update, you can look at the talk time (in %) for all the participants in the call. 

Restore Recently Deleted Meetings

Now you can access and restore the recently deleted recordings in Grain. Just go to My Library > (more options) > Recently Deleted and then, click ‘Restore’. 

Voilà! The recording will appear in your Library again. Note that you can only restore recordings that are deleted within the last 30 days. 

Copy Transcript Text from Highlights.  

By popular demand, you can now copy transcript text from Grain highlights. Hover over the highlight clip > Click ⋮ (more options) > Select Copy Highlight Transcript. 

Voilà! The transcript will be copied to your clipboard in a clean format—ready to share with anyone, anywhere! 

Microsoft Teams [Coming Soon]

We saved the last for the best. Grain will soon support recording, transcribing, clipping, and sharing meetings from Microsoft Teams. 

If you're interested in early access, please reach out to katie@grain.co.

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