What's New in Grain: Send Automated Meeting Summaries to HubSpot

What's New in Grain: Send Automated Meeting Summaries to HubSpot

Last updated: 

August 24, 2023

Rasheed Ahamed

Rasheed Ahamed

You no longer need to take notes during sales meetings or manually update your deal notes. Our latest HubSpot automation does the admin work for you.

Every time you have a call with a prospect or customer, Grain will:

✍️ take meeting notes

✅ Document next steps 

🤖 Automatically update your Contact and Deal notes

All you have to do is connect HubSpot, and tell Grain which meetings to join. Our AI will take care of the rest. 

What does this mean for your sales team?

No more data entry:

Grain automatically generates and syncs meeting notes to all the relevant HubSpot records including Contacts, Companies, and Deals. This enables your team to easily access sales calls, notes, and highlights in HubSpot without manual data entry, while keeping your records up to date.

“I save up to 25 minutes after every sales call as Grain automatically generates and adds the call notes in HubSpot for me."

- Max Stoiber, Founder and CEO, Stellate

Better pipeline visibility:

Grain records and sends sales conversation data into HubSpot, allowing you to gain better visibility into pipeline activity. It adds notes to your deals whenever your team meets with an associated contact, keeping you updated on prospect engagement.

“The key points from the sales calls are recorded as the deal notes. So, if I want to know what’s happening in a deal, I can just open that deal in HubSpot and have all the highlights from the sales calls ready for me to review.” 

- Matthew Dykes, Manager of Business Development, Salute Safety.

Proactive sales coaching:

With Grain's AI summary linked to deals, you can identify and discover coaching opportunities within the HubSpot user interface to accelerate your pipeline.

“When I meet with my team, I go over the AI summary in HubSpot and discuss how we can get better. I can say “hey, you did a great job here, but you can improve the way you handled that question”. It helps us to capitalize on our sales conversations”.

- Matthew Dykes, Manager of Business Development, Salute Safety.

You can proactively use this information during one-on-ones to pressure-test and de-risk existing deals.

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