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Get Instant Transcriptions for Every Meeting

Turn video meetings into assets with Grain. We help you make the most of video meetings with instant transcription, audio and video recording, video summaries, highlight clips, and more, all for your Zoom meetings!

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Get Real-time Transcriptions of Zoom meetings with Grain

Say goodbye to handwritten notes and hello to the world’s easiest transcription tool with audio recording, summaries, and storage all in one place. Grain will transcribe your meetings in nine different languages, with no “ums” or filler words. You can edit and download the transcripts in multiple formats for your use cases.

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Just SOME of our Revolutionary capabilities

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Instant Transcription

Voice to text on all recordings for easy reading

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Audio Recording

Listen to any recording to get the most from meetings

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Easily Sharable

Send your videos through Slack, Notion, & Asana

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Team Alignment

No confusion or misunderstandings —hear every word

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Meeting Storage

Conveniently store all your meetings in one place

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Video Summaries

Capture and send the most important highlights

Are you ready to take your meetings to the next level?

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