How Launch Potato Uses Grain to Scale their Distributed Team's Hiring and Stay in Sync

How Launch Potato Uses Grain to Scale their Distributed Team's Hiring and Stay in Sync

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January 19, 2023

Mike Adams

Mike Adams

A leading connector of advertisers with qualified customers, Launch Potato solves complex problems with smart marketing, excellent engineering and data science. Connecting over 70 million US consumers a month, Launch Potato helps leading brands massively scale with new customers and market opportunities.

Launch Potato's Challenge: How to Hire 20 People in 2 Months

To meet the needs of its growing customer base, Launch Potato needed to scale, and scale fast. Bringing on 20 new hires in just 2 months presented a seemingly insurmountable challenge. How did they do it? Would they have to hire more recruiters first? Drop all other work and focus only on hiring? We talked to Launch Potato's founder Christine Yaged and Senior Talent Acquisition Manager Alexis Hauser to find out how they leveraged Grain to keep in sync and have fewer meetings — speeding up the hiring process and getting better candidates on board lightning fast.

Better Hiring Decisions in Less Time with Grain

Imagine if you could quickly and easily share key interview highlights with your team without having to type notes or edit video recordings. Instead of trying to distill impressions from separate interviews with Grain you now have the ability to share every interview experience with all your team members.

Grain is a new way to work that leverages the power of augmented recordings to keep teams in sync with fewer meetings.

Using a simple and easy to understand workflow, Launch Potato reduced their time to hire a candidate from 2 weeks to just 3 days. Before Grain they had tried to simply use Zoom recordings but found sharing whole recordings to be cumbersome and time consuming. On top of that, Zoom's native transcription was incredibly inaccurate, making it impossible to search for key points in a conversation

With Grain, Launch Potato is able to quickly share interview answers in an accessible and easily digested format that keeps teams informed without having to watch the whole video or listen in to scheduled calls.

Better Interviewing Experiences

A great extra benefit of using Grain recordings in the interviewing process is that it helps everyone get on the same page about what to ask and how to interview candidates without cumbersome and incomplete note-taking. This not only reduces redundancies but can help team members who need some coaching refine and improve their interviewing style.

Launch Potato, which is fully distributed across seven time zones, also found Grain was a boon to managing the interviewing process for remote teams, letting everyone stay in sync no matter where they are.

Onboarding: Getting New Hires Up to Speed Fast

The benefits of Grain don't stop at hiring. To speed onboarding of new candidates, Launch Potato uses Grain recordings to highlight key parts of All Hands meetings creating a cohesive story around company direction and values that ensures new hires hit the ground running.

Grain: A New Way to Interview & Hire

With it's easy-to-use and intuitive interface and seamless integration with Zoom, Grain is the solution for rapid hiring and onboarding. With Grain you can easily share whole interviews or just the key highlights so your whole team gets a complete picture of each candidate without having to attend every interview.

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