How Grain's Deals Transforms Sales Pipeline Management

How Grain's Deals Transforms Sales Pipeline Management

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June 27, 2024

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Jeff Whitlock

Jeff Whitlock

It's Day 1 of Grain Launch Week, and we're kicking off with a bang: Grain Deals!

Just as Grain AI notes has simplified your meeting admin tasks, Grain Deals is going to simplify your sales pipeline management. Designed for the modern sales team, Grain Deals offers a data-driven view of your sales pipeline, integrating your CRM data with your deal conversations. Let's discuss how Grain Deals can help you review your pipeline, identify your deals at risk, and improve your team's close rate.

Review Your Sales Pipeline:

Grain Deals allows you to view your entire sales pipeline in a simple interactive view. When you connect your HubSpot account with Grain, Deals will automatically pull in all of your deal information. Using some of the following filters allows you to drill down into the details:

  • Filter by pipeline: Switch between your deal pipelines
  • Select the deal stage: View all deals by stage to see an up-to-the-moment status of each deal
  • View deals by Deal owner: Drill down into the details by deal owner

Grain Deals makes your deal pipeline easily reviewable and gives you the flexibility to review deals in a custom way. Giving you visibility that you want, simplifying even the most complex sales pipelines.

Deal filters options

Identify Your Deals at Risk:

Never again be in the dark about where your deals stand with Grain Deals. We give you a momentum timeline so you can see every interaction point on a deal in one place. When deal activity has slowed or the customer is waiting for a response for multiple days we will flag the deal as "At Risk". By automatically monitoring the momentum of each deal, Grain gives you the confidence to know that you will never lose another deal because of a lack of activity. You can use our "At Risk" flag to show you all the deals that need your attention.

Deal "At Risk" flag

When you need a quick refresher of the last activity on the Deal, jump over to Activity tab. Here's what the Activity view provides to you:

  • Emails: See all of the emails associated with that Deal
  • Conversation Overviews: View a summary of your conversations with the deal customers
  • Deal Stage Changes: Review every time the deal stage has changed

The activity view helps you view the progression of your deal and quickly catch up on a Deal.

Deal activity view

Drive Success with Grain Deals:

Grain Deals provides you all of the tools and insights you need to help your team reach their goals. By centralizing deal data with conversation data, you can get the whole picture, allowing you to refine your team's sales tactics and ensure a cohesive sales methodology across your team.The Deals interface makes it easy to identify patterns that will help you close more deals:

  • Spot Success Patterns: Learn from Closed-Won deals to replicate what works
  • Meeting Insights: Utilize the meeting insights to identify your conversation strengths
  • Customer Activity Frequency: See which emails and conversations generate the quickest responses from the customer

By monitoring the patterns of your deals, you can enhance your strategy and drive results.

Deal momentum view

Grain Deals feature is a transformative feature that gives sales managers the tools to navigate the challenging of complex pipelines with precision and confidence. By providing a comprehensive view of the sales pipeline while delving into granular details, Deals equips teams to make data-driven decisions, drive efficiencies, and drive results. Elevate your sales team with Grain Deals.

Start managing your pipeline with Grain, you can build a second collective brain for your team that manages your pipeline and tracks all of your conversations. Get started for free.

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