How Smart Tags Can Track Topics in Your Customer Conversations

How Smart Tags Can Track Topics in Your Customer Conversations

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June 28, 2024

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Jeff Whitlock

Jeff Whitlock

At Grain, we're excited to announce our latest feature: Smart Tags. This innovative tool is set to transform how teams analyze, track, and improve their customer conversations. Smart Tags offers a powerful way to gain insights from your recorded calls and meetings. It's designed for customer-focused roles, making it easier to gather insights from every customer conversation. Unlike regular single meeting notes, Smart Tags is comparable across multiple calls so you can effortlessly track frequency.

Understanding Smart Tags

Smart Tags are AI-powered trackers that automatically identify topics and keywords in your recorded conversations. Unlike simple keyword tracking, Smart Tags use machine learning to understand context and intent, making them far more accurate and insightful.

Key Benefits of Smart Tags:

  1. Flexibility in Tracking: Smart Tags can be customized to track various aspects of your conversations, from methodology adherence to product mentions and competitive intelligence.
  2. Trend Analysis: With Insight dashboard Smart Tags, you can easily visualize trends over time. Are your team members addressing certain topics in their conversations? Smart Tags help you spot these patterns quickly.
  3. Easy Implementation: One of the best things about Smart Tags is their low implementation effort. You can create a Smart Tag in seconds, review the results, and easily modify it. Smart Tags are all about providing you the insights you need in minutes.
  4. Coaching and Training Support: Smart Tags are an excellent tool for supporting coaching initiatives. They can help identify areas where team members excel or need improvement, making coaching sessions more targeted and effective.

Getting Started with Smart Tags

Setting up Smart Tags is straightforward:

1. Name Your Smart Tag: What do you want to call the topic you are trackings? You can name a Smart Tag based on if it is a topic tracker for a sales methodology or a specific competitors name, or something else.

2. Add Examples: Input keywords or phrases you want to track. The system will allow your to input both options. We recommend you input at least three examples for tracking topics.

3. Review The Results: Review and confirm tag matches align with your intended objective. The preview option gives you the ability to confirm the accuracy of the AI tagging model.

4. Save and Refine: Once the Smart Tag is producing the results wanted, save the Smart Tag. You can always come back and edit the Smart Tag to help improve the results.

5. Create Notifications: Set-up Slack notifications for Smart Tags to get instant notifications when a Smart Tag is mentioned.

Best Practices for Using Smart Tags:

  1. Keep it Simple: Don't try to track everything in one Smart Tag. Start by creating few very specific Smart Tags and expand to more broad topics as needed.
  2. Focus on Keywords: While topics are important to track, keywords tend to produce more accurate results.
  3. Use in Conjunction with Workflows: Smart Tags are very effective when used as part of a workflows. Set-up Slack notifications for Smart Tags so that your team can act swiftly when a customer needs aren’t met, enhancing responsiveness and customer satisfaction.
  4. Regularly Review and Refine: As your needs change, don't hesitate to adjust your Smart Tags. They're flexible and designed to evolve with your team.

Real-World Application:

Picture this: During a sales call, a potential customer brings up a common objection about pricing. With Smart Tags, Grain immediately flags this topic and notifies your sales manager in Slack. They can promptly reach out to the account executive to provide guidance, and offering potential solutions. This swift response can make all the difference in closing the deal, and your account executive didn't have to manually relay the information.


Smart Tags provide deeper, more contextual insights into your team's performance, and they offer a powerful tool for driving improvement and success.

Smart Tags can help you improve how you manage customer conversations. By automatically tracking topics and sending notifications, this feature ensures your team never miss a beat. Contact Grain today to get help integrating Smart Tags into your workflow.

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