Analyze & Synthesize Your User Interviews

Use Grain to analyze, synthesize, and transform your qualitative data into shareable research findings.

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Transcribe and
Analyze Your Interviews

Record upcoming interviews or import your recordings to transcribe and analyze qualitative data effortlessly. Search across the transcript, highlight and tag key moments, and organize your raw data to identify patterns.

Synthesize Your Research

Select the text in the transcript to annotate, clip, and categorize insightful moments from your interviews. Combine relevant clips to turn hours of research data into beautiful and engaging stories.

Collaborate Where Your Team Works

Share and collaborate with your team effortlessly. Publish Grain highlights and stories directly into your team’s favorite tools like Slack, Asana, and Productboard. Say goodbye to large video recording files.

Democratize Research Insights

Build an easy-to-use, searchable repository for your organization to instantly discover and retrieve every customer interaction—without any handholding. Enable your stakeholders to access and use the customer knowledge to make better decisions.

Align Your Stakeholders Around Prioritization Decisions

Parse and Analyze All Your Interviews

Import your past interviews to analyze and share the golden nuggets from your conversations.

Rally Around the Voice of the Customer

Fewer opinions, more truth. Align your company around your customers' more important problems.

Add Validity to Your Claim

Use verbatim from the transcript or insert highlight clips to back your claim with evidence.

Product & UX Teams Love Grain

Ty Kauffman Testimonial
"You have a library of knowledge.. you can get what context you need."
Ty Kauffman
Customer Imagineering
Jason Brand Testimonial
"Being able to search a transcript and share a short clip is something we can't do anywhere else"
Jason Brand
Direct of Product Management
Eline Rysman Testimonial
"It's really important to share the voice of the customer with the team."
Eline Rysman
UX Researcher

Analyze and synthesize your research using Grain

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